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Cast Lists Fall 2019!

Hello Wanderers!

I see that you're not reading this because you've skipped ahead but HEY!! Welcome back up here. First off, thank you all for dazzling us AGAIN during callbacks and congratulations to everyone who got cast!

Now here's some more fun information:

TECH MEETING: on Saturday (9/14) at 2pm in CAS 222

MDoF | Game Night: Saturday (9/14) from 4pm to 6:30 pm CAS 222

Silent Sky by Lauren Gunderson | Directed by Rutu Nagarsheth

Henrietta: Ruby Price

Willimina: Zowie Rico

Margaret: Ana Obergfell

Annie: Rachel Jiang

Peter: Jack Hillbrecht

Suite Surrender by Michael McKeever | Directed by Sharvari Bhat

Bernard S. Dunlap: Noah Gordon

Claudia McFadden: Courtney

Athena Sinclair: Izzy Watson

Pipett: Zowie Rico

Murphy: Leela Munsiff

Mrs. Osgood: Kerry McMahon

Francis: Aidan Kaminer

Otis: Mimi Luo

Dora: Naveen Inim

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