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Tech Lists!

Hello Wanderers!

Thank you for coming out to our Tech Meeting on Saturday and signing up to tech for one (or more) of our shows this semester. We're very excited to start working with you!

The Count of Monte Cristo

Director: Myles Cork

TD: Zoe Roth

ATD: Mimi Luo

SM: Lili Tucker

Production Head: Amy Argentar

Photographers: Mimi Luo and Lili Tucker

Maitre'd: Rutu Nagarsheth

Build/MC: Katie Lee

Build: Sean McClaine and Meredith McDuffie

Set Decoration Head: Sammy Stoker

Set Decoration: Avishi Patodia

Props Head: Rutu Nagarsheth

Props: Govinda Thomas

Costumes Head: Saadia Islam

Costumes: Leela Munsiff

Hair and Makeup: Anna Malgin

Lighting Designer: Jeffery Lowe

Sound Designer: Paul Weston

Check Please

Directors: Mimi Luo and Amy Argentar

TD: Sharvari Bhat

Production: Lili Tucker

Lighting Designer: Jeffery Lowe

Sound Designer: Noah Gordon

Too Fabulous to Fail

Director: Sean McClain

TD: Govinda Thomas

SM: Sharvari Bhat

Production Head: Naveen Inim

Photographer: Lili Tucker

Maitre'd: Chris Dominguez

Build: Gordon Wallace, Sammy Stoker, and Meredith McDuffie

Set Decoration Head: Sammy Stoker

Set Decoration: Nouf Alharbi, Chris Dominguez

Props Head: Zoe Roth

Props: Leela Munsiff

Costumes Head: Saadia Islam

Costumes: Mia Levinson

Hair and Makeup: Avishi Patodia, Maunika Reddy

Lighting Designer: Jeffery Lowe

Sound Designer: Paul Weston

We've done our best to accommodate everyone's preferences and requests. If there is a serious issue with the position you've been assigned to, (like major conflicts with dates, health issues etc.) please contact our Technical Advisor - Noah Gordon ( - as soon as possible!

Additionally, if you were trying to fill out our online tech application and faced difficulties, email us as soon as possible. We'll try our best to help you find a tech crew to work in!

You should be contacted by your respective Technical Directors soon! As always, let us know if you have any questions/concerns. 

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