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Vote for Eboard and Shows!

Below you will find the blurbs and pictures of Eboard Canidates as well as short blurbs for the pitched shows for next semester. You can vote via this link here *votes are unfortunately not anonymous to keep it fair. If that link doesn't work the URL will be posted at the bottom of this page!

Eboard Blurbs:

President: Sharvari Baht

""Hello! I'm Sharvari and I'm running for President. I'm a junior majoring in Psychology and Film & TV. I've dabbled in what the cool kids call "e-board" as the Secretary. And in my final year at BU, I wish to dabble some more. I love this club and the community it's given me, so I'd love to give back!"

Vice President: Rutu Nagarsheth

""Hiya Wanderers, it's your resident mom and I am running for the position of Vice President. To be completely honest, this is just a step in my plan to be Mimi when i grow up. But jokes aside, wandering minds is really my entire brand and I would love to be a part of it and, if given a chance, contribute a little more to keep up the goodness of this organization."

Treasurer : Maelee Chen

"Hello, Wanderers! My name is Maelee Chen (CAS ‘22), and I’m running to be your Treasurer. I’ve found a family in Wandering Minds, and I want to ensure that next year, our club will be as welcoming to newcomers as it was to me last spring. Since joining, I’ve had the pleasure of being Assistant Set Dec in Arcadia, an actress in Poefest, and of course a rapt audience member in our other productions. I’ve realized while studying abroad how much I miss seeing you all perform crazed monologues, paint flats, and overall have fun. With this in mind, I would be excited to take on more responsibility within WM as Treasurer, managing our budget with an eye for detail, organization, and reliability. I am already familiar with using Engage to request reimbursements and create events, communicating with SAO, and collaborating with other Eboard members to organize GMs, due to my experience as Treasurer for Diversity in Law Association (a Bay State-level organization). I sincerely hope you'll vote for me to be your Treasurer. Not all who wander are lost, but am I glad I found y'all along the way."

Treasurer: Ana Obergfell

“Hello! My name is Ana Obergfell, and I’m running to be the next Treasurer of Wandering Minds! I am a sophomore studying Political Science and French, but I am also a proud member of Wandering Minds! Since I stepped foot on campus, this community has welcomed me with open arms. I gained amazing friends, a passion for theater, and the ability to express myself on stage. Because Wandering Minds has enhanced my life in so many ways, I would love the opportunity to give back as Treasurer. Currently, I am the Secretary of CGS Student Government. In this role, I frequently communicate with the Student Activities Office to complete major events. Therefore, I have the skills to handle reimbursements, the persistence to communicate with administration, and the prudence to handle budgetary matters. Thank you for considering me to be your next Treasurer!”

Secretary: Sebastian Bolanos Fernandez

"Hello everyone! My name is Sebastian Bolanos and I’m running for secretary. I’m a junior majoring in Film & TV. As previous experience, I was secretary for the Associate Student Body at my high school. Thus, I am good at taking minutes and checking my email. I remember being part of wandering minds before I was part of it when I help strike Milk Milk Lemonade with my friends. I can’t wait to help this club grow as much as it has helped me be a more mature person"

Secretary: Leela Munsiff

"Hello! My name's LeelaMunsiff, I'm from New York, and though you'll find me trying out a new hobby every week, the stage is my favorite place to let loose. My first show was a take on Little Red Riding Hood, where I proudly played Baby Bear as a pouty 8-year-old. I love theatre because it places me in the life of someone I'd otherwise never have known, and ever since Little Red I've been hooked on the empathy that comes with becoming someone else. After Baby Bear came the roles of Chava in Fiddler on the Roof, #46 in Sarah DeLappe's The Wolves, and Murphy in Wandering Minds's Very own Suite Surrender. Wandering Minds may only be my first production at BU, but I loved it so much that I can't wait to be involved in more! As Secretary of WM, I'd put everything I learned from my two year term as Diversity Club President to use: the organizational skills, the diplomacy, and most of all, the rigorous note-taking."

Secretary: Izzy Watson

"I'm Izzy Watson and I'm running for Secretary! I'm from the middle of nowhere in Connecticut; majoring in Social Studies Education and minoring in Theatre Arts. I'm an upcoming sophomore and I've been in Wandering Minds ever since I started at BU. I pretty much have no life outside of theatre so I'd have lots of time to dedicate to this position! I have prior experience on e-boards, as the President of Rho Kappa Honor Society last year and the Secretary of my church Outreach Board for the last three years, so I understand the importance of effective and timely communication. I love making lists, notetaking, my inbox is always cleared, I can write a fierce email, and I live and breathe Google Drive. I'm running because I'm passionate about this club and I love the people in it. I want to see it thrive. <3"

Tech Advisor: Noah Gordon

"Hello! I'm Noah Gordon and I am the current Technical Advisor for Wandering Minds. I am running to continue to be TA next semester! I love Wandering Minds and have spent most of my waking hours at BU doing Wandering Minds things, and as I get closer to graduating I want to make sure above all else that this club stays alive and thrives after I'm gone. I've acted, teched, and directed for this club and all I want is to stay as involved as possible for as long as possible."

Production Manager: Zowie Rico

"Hello, everyone! My name is Zowie Rico, I am currently a freshman in CAS studying English and Classical Civilizations with a minor in Theater Arts, and I am running for the Wandering Minds Production Manager position. I believe that I would be a great PM because I have a lot of experience in advertising events and shows on social media from high school with student government and theater. I am well aware of what goes into making these posts and have the tools necessary to make them look nice. I am very committed to Wandering Minds as a group and would love the opportunity to serve on E Board. Thank you!"


Show Blurbs:

Click on the photo to read the powerpoint presentation!

Haunting of Hill House dir. Noah Gordon

Hand to God dir. Izzy Watson

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