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We're Back and We've Got Some Sick as Frick Events

Hey, Wanderers! Welcome back to the Spring semester, or if you're a new student, just welcome! We've got some pretty sick as frick events planned for this semester (as you could probably tell based on the title of this post) and we cannot wait to get started. But what are these sick as frick events we have planned? Well we are so glad you asked! Here's what we got coming up in (hopefully) chronological order:

- Splash! Come join us on Saturday Jan. 30th from 1 - 3 PM EST to talk to the EBoard and learn about the shows we're doing. The Zoom link can be found on our Engage page or on our linktree! (

- Our first GM of the semester! Come join us on Sunday Jan 31st at 7:30 PM EST and find out about all the fun things we're doing and meet/say hi to some of our membership! Zoom link on our linktree! (see above)

- Auditions! We are having three amazing shows/special projects this semester and auditions start very soon! Auditions will be February 1st - 3rd with callbacks on February 4th. Cast lists will be announced either the night of February 4th or the morning of February 5th. Audition forms and information can be found on our linktree! (see above)

- Here are the shows we're doing!

- Tech Meeting! Want to be a part of the shows but don't want to be in the proverbial limelight? Do tech! No experience necessary, only enthusiasm and spunk. Because of the format and current state of the world, most of the tech positions will deal with sound design, sound editing, and sound finding. Pretty much all about sound. But there are other positions that you can learn about at the tech meeting! Join us on Saturday February 6th at 5 PM EST. Zoom link in our linktree! (see above)

- Valentine's Day Card Making MDOF! Come hang with us on Zoom as we chat, make some cards, and generally vibe at the first MDOF of the semester on Friday February 12th at 7 PM EST. Zoom link in our linktree! (see above)

And last but not least....

- Our Book Club! For our first book club of the semester, we are going to be reading the comedic play "The Story Store" by Alan Haehnal. Meetings will be February 20th and 27th at 2 PM EST. Sign up forms are on the linktree! (see above)

Wow that was a lot, but we are so excited for everything! Make sure to keep an eye out on our social media and your emails for any updates. Our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are both @wmindsbu! Also keep our linktree close by because all of our links (Zoom and otherwise) will be on there! Our linktree is

Alright, that's all for now! Hope to see all of yall at these events, and have a great start to the semester!

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